Thursday, August 22, 2013

Random Thoughts

1. Our computer is dying. For the past year, we've had trouble with it locking up and crashing. Kyle looked at last time he was home and pronounced it old. He's a computer engineering major so if he can't resurrect it, I figure it's not fixable. Unfortunately, the freezing and closing has accelerated. Last time I tried to download pictures from my camera it "corrupted" them. This weekend we will be buying a new computer and learning how to navigate Windows 8. Yipes.

2. The weather is finally cooling off. The cloud cover of the past week, which never did deliver any rain, has moved on and the night time temperatures are back to comfortable. The dogs have been sleeping outside on the green grass where it is cool. I was tempted to sleep on the porch a few nights myself.

3. Sedona is suddenly old. She is eleven and I understand that is old for a large breed dog. But, she has never seemed old before. She isn't unhappy; she just doesn't want to do anything. She sleeps on the porch all day and all night. She doesn't try to get out the front gate; she doesn't join Kersey in chasing deer; and she only eats if I sit next to her and praise her for every bite. Tonight, we ate dinner on the front porch -- once the wasps left. I smeared a piece of bread with soft stinky cheese and gave it to her. She chomped it down and licked the porch clean. Afterwards she sighed, stretched out, and closed her eyes, snoring softly with her lips flapping.

4. Tonight when I pulled up the driveway after work, I noticed Jackson down in the corner with his head over the fence welcoming me home. I closed the gate and walked over to acknowledge the welcome. Winston saw me and made a bee line for Jackson and I. Heaven forbid I give attention to a horse other than Winston.

5. I'm feeling stronger every day since my surgery. Today I made it through a full day of work without wilting. Yesterday, I took a nap in my car at lunch time. Don't tell. I am not allowed to ride for another three weeks. Three weeks!! Every time I look at Winston, I ache to ride him.

6. I love this cozy house. And I love sharing the process of making it our own with you.

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  1. Sorry about the computer...did you ever consider a Mac? I've heard that windows 8 is a real pain. So sweet that the ponies greet you. You're whole property is fenced in? Nice.

  2. So glad all is well and improving - that house closing ordeal, plus surgery, plus moving - I can't imagine how you coped with it all.

  3. Glad you're starting to feel better. Sedona sounds happy and content. I'm going through the same thing with my Aussie Murphy who is eleven. He can hardly walk anymore and can't do steps. He's happy but prefers to lay around all day too. It's sad when they get older.

  4. i am so glad things are finally settling into 'normal'. i hate watching dogs grow old...


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