Wednesday, August 14, 2013

The Work Begins

After the movers left Saturday evening, leaving us with all of our belongings except two mattresses that went missing, Brett cleaned the shower which was rather disgusting and we rinsed off before collapsing in our bed.  Sunday, we got to work.  I started unpacking the kitchen boxes.  There are a million of them.  The movers packed each glass in an entire roll of brown paper.  Big boxes with a few glasses inside but no broken ones so I'm not complaining too much.

Meanwhile, Brett got to work on the pasture water trough.  We had been using a hay bin but that wasn't working too well.  Winston discovered a new game:  place your hoof in the water trough, paw and splash then pull the trough over and watch the water cascade out and around your feet.  Drag the the trough off to the pasture hinterlands.  We were pretty tired of refilling the water six times a day.  Brett was tired of it, to be exact.  I was on the couch recovering so he was doing all the search and refill expeditions.  We got a large metal trough and Brett set it up with a float.  He cut a hole in the fence so the float is outside the fence where Mr. Winston can't reach it.  An added bonus is that the dogs can drink from it when they are out and about.

The horses loved the installation process.  Brett brought his tractor into the pasture with his tools.  The horses swarmed around, pulling on the torn strips of the seat with their teeth, pawing at the harrow, and otherwise annoying Brett.  I could hear him from the house: Flash knock it off.  Winston leave that alone.  Get out of here.  Brett's arms were waving like he was warding off flies.  The horses just blinked at him mildly and kept at it.

Next, he painted the pantry and one of the closets in our bedroom so I could put stuff away.  The closet and pantry were nasty dirty with particle board shelves that hung onto the dirt no matter how hard I scrubbed.  Brett put in beautiful poplar shelves. 

In the evenings after work this week, I worked on assembling a computer desk.  At Aspen Meadows, we had a built in desk so we needed a place for the computer.  We are using the front room as a computer and TV room.  It is the room that is most complete and comfortable. 

Yesterday, Brett worked on the clover pasture.  This is the pasture between the barn and the lane, and in the spring when we first saw the house it was knee deep in clover.  The back fence was just strips of electric tape a few feet in front of the goat area.  The area in between was all high weeds, inaccessible and ugly.
Brett took down the tape and extended the fence to meet up with the goat area.  It looks one hundred percent better.

The moving company called me today.  Mary, who has been unfailingly cheerful throughout the moving process, said that they had located the mattresses.  Good news -- the kids will have beds to sleep in when they come to visit.


  1. My goodness, Brett is like a human dynamo! You'll have that place sparkling before you know it,

  2. missing mattresses - now THAT'S a new one! :) overpacking mania, too!

    glad things are slowly coming together. i'm just so relieved you're in, all animals are there with you and safe and secure. the house will come together with brett's hard work. :)

    love the beams in your front room!

  3. Thanks for the pictures. Glad you have a place to plunk down and rest...things are really coming together. When you are feeling up to it, I would love to see the barn. Are the horses and donkeys using it now?

  4. Glad it's all coming together. Bet you can't wait to be all settled in.

  5. Great to see pictures of your new home. Knowing you, it will be all done in no time.

    And this also tells the story of horses and that they do get bored. I feel so sorry for those who stand around all day in a small space with nothing to do, ever. I see quite a few around here.

  6. You are bringing back some stressful memories-oh wait! We are still settling in! It is such a long process isn't it? I really like the pictures you have shown so far-I can't wait to see more barn pictures :) tell Brett that the image of the herd pestering him gave me a good laugh :) can you guys see our fire? It is quite impressive! Enjoy your glass(es) of wine tonight!


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