Sunday, August 25, 2013

Another Day in Paradise

Not too much smoke this morning; cool and breezy with scattered thunder clouds.

We spent the morning unpacking the rest of the boxes for our bedroom, hanging pictures and putting the finishing touches on the half bathroom down stairs.

Brett fed the horses lunch.

I checked on the nectarines in my garden.  Almost there; beautifully red with just the start of give under my thumb.  They crunch a bit still when I take a bite but the flavor is already full of promise.

Brett drove the car down the driveway and out the gate while I kept a hold on the dogs.  Then I walked down, slid through the gate, and climbed in the car.  The dogs stood watching us go from the other side.  Kersey decided to follow us; she laid on her belly and shimmied under the gate.  So, the dogs spent the afternoon in their pen. Back in the car we continued up the road three or four miles to Miraflores winery which was offering a BBQ tri-tip lunch, a car show and (of course) wine tasting.

The setting was gorgeous.

 Brett is partial to classic corvettes.
After lunch on the terrace and some barrel tasting, we drove to Camino where we visited a couple more wineries.  We love living in wine country.  This winery had a beautiful picnic area, decent wine and a great sign:

Back home, we relaxed on the porch before doing chores.  We ended the day sitting under the oak trees watching the evening sunlight reflect off the hills.


  1. Nice that you are now able to take a break and enjoy yourselves, there seems to be a lot available in your area. The lunch hay looks so green and gorgeous. How are the goaties liking their new digs?

  2. That's the best sign I've ever seen!!!

  3. except for the escaping dogs, i do believe you live in a perfect place for you!


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