Sunday, August 4, 2013

Final Walk Through

This morning we did the final walk through on the house.  It was a formality since we've been out there every day taking care of the animals so we know exactly what has and hasn't been fixed.  At this point, everything that we requested to be fixed has been completed.  Our agent's assistant roared up the driveway of Oak Creek Ranch on her motorcycle at a bit after 10am.  We walked through the house, signed the paper and then she roared back down the driveway.

We have had the best agent ever helping us through the process.  His assistant has done a lot of legwork; driving us around to look at places and taking care of straightforward pieces like this.

A number of you have been anxiously awaiting pictures of the interior of the house.  Here are a few I took today.
Huge wood stove in the great room

Kitchen: we have a few face lift ideas but basically good to go

Standing in the entry, looking up the stairs to the bedrooms

Laundry room -- needs a lot of help

Downstairs bathroom: lose the curtains and the flooring, otherwise good to go.
Some others of you have been clambering for more pictures of the barn.  Here is a shot looking down the aisle from the back towards the front.

We spent the afternoon running errands; looking at carpet and tile, dog run fencing and tractor attachments.  ...which reminds me of a question from Lytha.  We are not anti-hot wire.  It just isn't necessary in these pastures.  The wood post fencing is lined with wire mesh so the horses can't chew on the wood.  It's very strong fencing as well so we aren't worried about them breaking rails.

We also stopped by Uppity Dog and visited Kersey and Sedona.  They were very clean -- I'm used to seeing a cloud of dust when petting them -- and in good weight.  We took them for a short walk down the street and rested under a tree for awhile.  Then we took them back.  They were happy to be back in the cool play room and went willingly with the handler.  Me?  I was leaky around the eyes as I followed Brett out to the car.  It will be so nice to have them back at the end of this week.


  1. Hey Annette,so glad things are finally working out for you guys after all the stresses of late. Nobody deserves this more than you. Love the new house,farm,barn etc!

  2. Thanks for the pictures. Looks like there is a lot of potential there! Hope you move in soon and get those dogs back...I would be crying too! Congratulations on pulling this off after all the hoops you have had to jump through. Are you ready Brett?

  3. It looks gorgeous! Can't wait to see you all settled in there!

  4. glad you saw the pups. *sigh* as i walked back from the barn this morning, i said a prayer for you that you could close today...

  5. So glad it's all coming together for you. Bet you can't wait to get started getting the house the way you want it. It looks nice as it is but we all like to make a place our own.

  6. Happy to hear that everything's working out for you. Beautiful house, but it will be much better when you move in and it becomes your home. Love the porch and the barn is to die for! Bet you can't wait to get in and get settled. :)


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