Friday, August 16, 2013

Barn Project No. 1

A couple of you have been begging for pictures of the barn.  There hasn't been much to show.  Right now, the barn is strictly a storage area for boxes.  The stalls aren't ready for the horses even.  Brett brought the last load of stuff from storage yesterday and crammed it all into the barn with all the other boxes left by the movers.

Outside, between the west side of the barn and the round pen, there were a bunch of pens.  We had no use for so many pens -- seriously, we have enough animals already -- and it looked cluttered.

When Al and Vanessa came to visit the other day, Al gave Brett the name of a guy he uses for general work around his property.  The guy came over this morning to help Brett take out the pens and trim some trees.
It looks so much cleaner.

Do you see the blue door on the west wall of the barn?  It goes directly into the tack room.  Brett is going to install some tie rails and we'll tack up the horses there in the shade of the over-hang.  Brett somehow knew, because I forgot to say anything, to save the butterfly bush that was planted along the fence.  I tried to grow it, without success, at Aspen Meadows so I was pleased to see a happy, healthy specimen here.  It smells divine and it attracts butterflies.

Last week we had mild temperatures, in the mid 80s.  This week has been steadily getting warmer with highs in the 90s.  The dogs love the green grass in front of the house and the shady porch.

The horses were hugging the shade all afternoon.

We've been watering the front grass in the evenings while we sit on the porch with the dogs and a glass of wine.  The sprinklers work like misters, cooling us all down, and the grass is turning nice and green.


  1. i'm just so glad you have that porch! for you and your dogs! :)

  2. I love that you guys bought such a warm and inviting farmhouse...and seeing your projects come together will be fun for all of us! Love that butterfly bush!

  3. The pasture has wonderful shade!

  4. Beautiful view from the porch. Little by little it all starts to come together.

  5. this is a really pretty place.

  6. I just can't get over what a darling house this is! The picket fence fits is so well.

  7. You guys have such energy! It's great seeing it improve, bit by bit.


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