Sunday, March 31, 2013

Stupid, Stupid

Happy Easter to everyone!
We had a cold, windy, overcast Easter.
No kids.
No chocolate bunnies.
No Easter Egg hunt.

That's just not right.
We decided to have a carrot hunt.
Brett tossed carrots onto the slope in front of the barn.

Then we let the horses out.
They were more interested in the grass.
Can we pretend that the yellow dandelions are marshmallow chicks?

After the horses had finished the carrots grazing,
we put them back in the pasture.

Well, except for Winston.
I thought it would be fun to jump on him bareback.
No bridle, just a halter.
No helmet.
I'd never ridden Winston bareback before.
It was a bit blustery out.
I wasn't wearing a helmet.

No, I didn't come off.
But he wasn't at all sure about the sensation of me on his back.
He took a few steps forward;
he tried to get rid of the weirdness on his back;
he bucked a bit.
I was scared;
I didn't come off.
Thank goodness!

We walked over to Brett;
with my hand wound tightly in Winston's mane.
And I got off.
And shook.

So stupid.
Always, always wear a helmet.


  1. You won't forget the next time. How sweet that you would have a carrot hunt for the ponies. At first I was worried that something happened to the bunnies. Do the donkeys like carrots? And what about the goaties? We had a grey and ugmo day here.

  2. A good reminder. You might want to try him out bareback the first couple times with someone leading him - or a lead on a halter while you have the reins on the bridle. I love bareback too - hope he gets more used to it.

  3. She was severely chastised for her behavior and put on restriction for 2 days. If I remember right there was a scream for me, not just a walk over. Won't happen again,

  4. Yup wear your helmet, I actually went off last month without one , turkeys popped up unannounced Still get a head ache on and off, wasn't smart on my part at all . Your horsey Easter Egg hunt too cute loved hearing the song too :)

  5. Winston will get used to bareback... I bet having a ground person the first few times (and a helmet!) would help.

    The horsey carrot hunt is too adorable. :D

  6. Love that you had a carrot hunt for the gang. Glad you didn't come off during you bareback ride.

  7. Good boy Winston for not dumping silly Mom!!!! She'll figure it out, it's spring, girls do silly things!

  8. Bareback is fine, but definitely include headgear (for both of you) next time. ;)

  9. You better be careful, you don't want to get hurt again. I love a carrot toss, as I'm sure the horses did. It's crazy windy here too, our Jeep Wrangler felt like it was about to take flight as we drove home through the desert yesterday. Fortunately, they didn't close Hwy 58 as they often do when it gets too windy.


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