Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Is it Friday Yet?

Last night started a trend of unsettled weather moving towards rain and a chance of snow Friday night.  Last night we got a bit of rain.  Today the clouds came and went but we had sunshine for the most part.

Brett rode both Flash and Mufasa this morning.  I stayed in the house, working.  On the days that I work from home, I try to ride Winston on my "lunch" or in the late afternoon after I finish working.  Today I just took it easy.  I've been tired and a bit congested and tired and tired for the past two weeks.  Friday starts a week of vacation.  I refuse to be tired and sick on vacation.  So, I'm loading up on sleep and liquids and rest. 

I did help with chores.  Winston was following Brett around looking for an opportunity to dump his muck cart.  He knows better than to try and dump mine.  We had a little discussion about that behavior yesterday. 
So, he switched to harassing Brett.

Of course, Brett got even.  He gave Winston the old "whiskers on your muzzle" treatment.  Winston wasn't too sure about that...
I know Winston.  I don't like scratchy face kisses either.
Tomorrow I have a long day at work.  Friday and Saturday are going to be full of wedding showers and other activities - like packing.  Sunday morning we are flying to Hawaii - the big island.  I'm not sure how much posting I'll get done while we are gone so if the blog is dark for the next week, don't panic.  I'll be back.  I promise.


  1. (I can finally post pictures).
    Love the pictures of Winston and Brett and I sure hope you recover before flying over to the big island.
    Bon Voyage!

  2. i'm exhausted just thinking about your weekend and flight. hope you can get a second wind and enjoy yourself!

  3. Yeah but Winston IS cute! Wonder what he'll do for your caretaker! LOL Get yourself some Aireborne before you get on that plane (both ways) and USE it! I swear by that if I'm flying!

  4. Oh I just love Winston's playful personality!! He's too cute to get in trouble. :) Love the pictures of him and Brett. Do take care of yourself so you feel fantastic while in beautiful, sunny Hawaii! I am soo jealous! Get yourself some Kombucha and drink bunches of it before you go, helps boost the immune system and it's good. When you get back, I'll share the Chai tea recipe with you (if it turns out). Have fun!!!

  5. Winston is adorable. I love curious playful horses.hope you feel better before you leave. Have fun basking in the sun!


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