Thursday, March 21, 2013

Big Island Time Share

I'm going to intersperse posts with pictures and narrative from our trip to Hawaii.  I'll schedule these for my long days in the office -- we can't miss out on Aspen Meadows news when I'm at home, right? 

I told you that we were pleasantly surprised by how nice the time share was.  By the end of the week we were referring to it as "home" as in When we get home tonight, I'll make some Ono for dinner.  

No pictures of the bedroom or bathrooms but they were equally as nice.  We ate dinner out on the patio every meal that we were home.  Our view of the ocean was partially obstructed by a large tree but the sunsets were beautiful regardless.

We noticed people walking on the golf course every morning and evening and we figured out how to get out there as well.  It involved walking past the pool and the banana tree, then cutting through a break in the shrubs where there was a well worn path.

We walked across the golf course to the ocean's edge and then turned and looked back at the resort.

Meanwhile, the ocean slapped against the lava rock and spit itself into the air.  It was heaven.


  1. Oh to see bananas growing ...just thrilled me for some reason. Perhaps it is seeing all that SUN that thrills me too, as it is snowing yet again ~here in New England!
    Glad you had a great trip!

  2. Talk about a slice of heaven...I could not be more jealous!

  3. When I saw that last shot I just had to say "Wheeeeeee"

  4. Just beautiful! I think I could be happy living somewhere tropical for the remainder of my days...


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