Friday, March 29, 2013

Jackson Time

It's kind of like Miller Time.  Remember those old commercials?  Grab a beer and relax.  Or grab a lead rope, in my case.

Jackson has been a bit foot sore for the past week or so.  This afternoon, I found him in Flash's stall taking a nap.  The poor boy was sweaty and uncomfortable.  Our warm spring day isn't very comfortable when you have a heavy winter coat.

I took him out and gave him a thorough grooming.

Next, we went into the wash rack and I scrubbed his tail.  Flash was in Mufasa's stall, which is closest to the tie rail, keeping an eye on things.  Nosy beast.

On the way back to the pasture, I let Jackson graze on dandelions for ten minutes.  So tasty, and so good for them.

Back in the pasture, Mufasa greeted Jackson and then saw me standing at the fence.  Mufasa ambled over and stood close, but not too close, to me.  He's a funny horse.  He will follow me around and stand close by with his eyes soft and relaxed.  Sometimes, he'll let me scratch his withers.  But just sometimes.  Most of the time he walks away if I try to touch him.  He's getting braver but it's definitely taking time. 

Lori has been playing with the watercolor effect on some of her pictures.  I thought I would give it a try.  Doesn't Jackson make a beautiful painting?


  1. Ok, you grab the lead rope, I'll get the beer. "Nosy beast"? Somebody is offended. Better keep a close eye on your muck cart.

  2. Tonight, tonight let it be Lowenbrough ...remember that commercial. Hee hee
    You go Jackson and Mufasa.

  3. I'm sure Jackson loved the attention (and the grazing). So did Brett get the beer? I love to paint horses!!!!

  4. Jackson looks great after his grooming session. Cute boy.


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