Friday, March 22, 2013

Fitness Friday

Spending a week in Hawaii was good for everything except my waistline.  Sure, we got some exercise walking around the volcano and snorkeling but it wasn't "real" exercise.  We drove around a lot in the car and we ate three squares every day.  Three big squares.  Five pounds up in a week.  Yipes. 

I'm back in my routine of working out at the gym, mucking the pasture and riding my horse.  I've lost 1.5 so far.  Winston needs to get fit as well.  Gayle is scheduled to come up next week for a lesson and we need to be able to work longer than ten minutes. 

This morning, Winston and I focused on fitness.  We did three sets with a short walk break between each set.  Five minutes of forward trot, five minutes of forward canter, and five minutes of fluid trot -- with a bunch of walk-trot transitions for good measure.  We were hot, sweaty and happy when we finished.  I felt very connected to him during our ride, feeling him try so hard to get it exactly right.  He felt like a million bucks.  I gave him extra belly rubs afterwards and let him graze on the grass.

Brett is losing weight by cutting down all the grass that grew a mile high while we were gone.  He's finished the orchard and the front grass, now he's focusing on the slopes. 


  1. Interval training is good! Man! Does your place look great. We had more snow today....

  2. I'm sure Hawaii was gorgeous and fun, but there's no place like home! Sounds like your ride was a great way to get reacquainted. :D

    Your place does look beautiful. We're starting to mow next week but it's still mostly weeds.

  3. I have to say I am green with envy at your signs of spring. Here in NE we are all worried our lawns won't come back after the drought from last year. Your place really is the picture of spring.

  4. Annette, your yard and grounds are so beautifully kept and orderly. Did you and Brett do the design or did you buy it like that? I always envy those creative people with an "eye" for what a place could be. Ours is very, very basic and it's ok, but with a little effort, I know it could be so much better. Wish I could find someone creative to give us some ideas. Aren't you glad that spring is here?


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