Thursday, March 14, 2013

I See You Everywhere

Did you guys know that you are all in Hawaii with me? You pop up in my thoughts everywhere.

Tuesday, we were up on the north end of the island in cowboy country. We spent some time in an art gallery and struck up a conversation with the docent (what is the name of the person there who sells the art and tells you all about the various artists??). It turns out she and her husband have horses. Art and horses... I thought of Lori Skoog.

As we made our way across the high plains and prairie grass of the island center, we passed a number of sheep farms. I looked for Maisie out in the fields but wasn't able to spot her. I'm sure she and the crazy sheeplady were there. Did you finish your sweater and cross the finish line?

We went down into a lush valley on the eastern side of the island where we rode horses through the streams that were running from the numerous waterfalls down to the sea. I thought of Chloe moving her wild horses to high ground when the area floods -- and Val with her washed out roads.

Today, we were in the southern part of the island exploring Volcano National Park. Before entering the park, we had lunch at a wonderful lodge. I found myself critiquing the food a la Martine. I gave it five stars in all categories. The passion fruit margarita was the best I have ever had. Ever. Even better than the one I had in San Antonio, Texas years ago.

There is an active volcano on the island right now. Fortunately, it drools and drips its lava rather than spewing forth deadly ash. We couldn't get close to the lava but we could see the action from a distance.

We walked through a lava tunnel. These tunnels carry the lava from the leaking vent all the way to the ocean. Way cool.

We hiked across the lava fields to look at pertraglyphs. The lava fields are fascinating; buckling black lava, curving, looping, swooping hard black lines that go on for miles falling down the side of the crater and reaching its fingers to the sea.

...with grass, and trees and a bottlebrush blooming like mad in the midst of the desolation.

This is an amazing, diverse island. It is so much more than sandy beaches and Mai Tais. The sunsets are beautiful. I tried to capture tonight's but there is a big tree between us and the sun setting on the water. The tree is popular with birds -- bright red, yellow and green. I have no idea what they are -- at home the birds are all drab browns and khaki green. TexWis Girl would know the birds, I'm sure, and be able to capture them with her camera. I'm a fail on that front.

Tomorrow we are headed back to the north end of the island for horseback riding in cattle country. ...we gotta have horses in the mix somewhere.

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  1. Isn't the bloggosphere amazing? There are so many nice people out there :D

    The island sounds just awesome - thirty years ago when we were in LA for a year we had the option of going to Hawaii for Christmas or going home... guess which one the 21 year old homesick Irish girl chose!!! I still regret it!

  2. Thank you for thinking of us. As I am surrounded once more by snow and freezing temperatures, I am thinking about you too. Must be something to be riding horses over there. Keep enjoying!

  3. You sound so happy and I am so glad you are sharing your trip with us! I always feel sorry for those that travel all the way to a location and then stay in one spot! Yay you guys for exploring!

  4. looks like you're having an awesome time!

  5. Yay! Hawaii! The Big Island is wonderful. I am so glad that you visited Volcanoes National Park. We didn't make it to the north end of the island, but I was told about the ranches up there. Did you know that calves are the number 1 export? They can be reared and sold as "Hawaiian beef" on the mainland.

    Hawaii is such an amazing place. The air smells wonderful. The landscape is beautiful and so varied. I am sure you will catch your sunset before you leave!


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