Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Breakfast of our Champions

Yesterday morning looked like this:

This morning was a huge improvement. 

Why does hay taste so much better when its eaten straight out of the cart instead of a plate hay bin?

Of course, Winston wouldn't share the "good stuff" in the cart with Mufasa and Jackson.  He's such a brat.

Meanwhile, the king was dining in his castle.

And the janitors were busy cleaning up the clumps of hay dropped by horses trying to snatch a bite from the hay cart as I rolled it down to the feed bins.


  1. You two run a good ship out there!

  2. The hay is always better when you can steal a bite I guess. Ours do the same snatch and grab whenever they pass a bale of hay. Love the blue sky.

  3. I need some janitors. I bet the clean up all the hay the goats waste too.


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