Friday, October 28, 2011

You Can't Keep This Girl Down

Guess who's jumping out again?  Sigh.  Her leg must not have been injured too badly, despite the awful picture she made.  I'm glad she's okay.... not so happy that she's still jumping.

I love days like today when the mornings are crisp and cold, the skies are sapphire blue, and the leaves crunch under my feet. 

I rode Jackson after breakfast.  We warmed up on the bridle trail, going further than planned because the sun was warm, the breeze was blowing, and we just felt like it.  Back in the arena, we worked primarily on trot and he was working very well.  His back was up almost the whole time, he was stepping into the contact, chewing like mad (silly boy) on the bit, and nicely forward.  I had to race back up to the house for a work webinar but we managed to squeeze in a good ride.  Jackson waved goodbye and went back to breakfast.


  1. oh, glad your bella is feeling better, but yes, it's bad that she's out again!!!

  2. Sweet Bella! Looks like we had the same weather today.

  3. Goats?....... Inquisitive little fellas!

  4. Sounds like a fabulous ride. I'm jealous! I love your fallish pictures. Very beautiful.
    Just read your couples boot camp post. Wow! What a great weekend. Sounds like perfection.

  5. Your Bella is just so adorable! Glad she's feeling better. It's hard to keep a goat contained if it wants out bad enough.


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