Saturday, October 1, 2011

The Goats Get a Trim

It's time to trim the goats' hooves.  I got the nippers and waited for the first victim goat to jump in my lap.  Bella, Bear and Thistle were all cuddled and clipped lickity-split. 

Whiskey climbed up next.

He didn't want to leave, but Cowboy was ready for his turn.  Cowboy is the shyest of our goats so I wanted to take advantage of his friendly frame of mind.  I set Whiskey down and invited Cowboy up. He wasn't sure at first; but he quickly settled in for his trim.

Brett had a craving for spaghetti with meat sauce and I had plenty of tomatoes.  The plants are still going gang busters.

Besides, he brought me flowers.  Pour that man an extra big glass of wine!


  1. Nice trim job! I do not know how to trim goat feet, but it looks like you get plenty of practice. They are darling.

    What time is dinner? I guess I should also ask which time zone. ;)

  2. Those little pygmy goats are darling! Good gosh those tomatoes look good!

  3. Oh how romantic.The flowers are beautiful.

    I love the Leontien kick cancer butt skull panties, and fuzzy feral girl panties on your sideboard what a great idea. We are all praying for these two as they fight and win. Take care. B

  4. I want some of that spaghetti!

    Do I ever love your sweet goaties! and the flowers...that Brett is some kind of guy!

  5. Those goats are sooo cute. Wish I could pick one up for a cuddle.
    The tomato sauce looks amazing. I see some in my future :)

  6. now i'm hungry! :)

    such cute little goats! glad they cooperate!

  7. I love so much all your live.Goats looks so friendly,tomatoes yumy, and a lovely husband.
    The video you just posted,was like If I was ridding on him.I really enjoy it! Good memories...

    The google translation it's on the blog,it isn't good.And my english writing, it's even worse,so i just can say sorry about it.
    The dog had a castration. :)


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