Saturday, October 8, 2011

Body Work for Jackson and Flash

Today was Liz's monthly visit to do body work on the horses.  She spent almost two hours on Jackson... he was all out of whack.  Flash went much faster, about 45 minutes.

First, she had me walk Jackson back and forth so she could see how he was going.  She noted that his pelvis was higher on one side than the other, he was tripping on his right front, and he seemed tight in the left hock. 

She started with some light massage across his back and pelvis area.  He loved it.

Brett is a great story teller.  Jackson: You're telling  THAT story again??

Passage made an appearance. 

She finished up with some deep tissue massage. 
Then we moved to the arena.  She wanted to show me how to use ground poles to help him with neuromuscular memory.  This is a technique used in rehab for horses and it will help him use his body correctly, and link his brain to his muscles.  ---in other words, help with the stumbling issue.  It will also help him learn that his hocks don't hurt anymore and teach him to flex them more.

First, she set up the poles, evenly spaced, about a stride apart.

We had to walk through them, both directions, until he did it without hitting a pole.

Then she changed the spacing so some were close together and some far apart.

After working on straight lines for a week or so, I am to change the shape to a fan.

Me: Are you taking notes Jackson?  Jackson:  Yeah, sure I am.

Jackson: Can I go back to my stall now and finish my hay?

Jackson: Is this pole edible?

Liz declared him finished and we headed back to the barn.

Brett got Flash out for his turn.  Once again she had him start with walking.  She noted stiffness in the joints and a big belly. 

He needs to lose 30-40 lbs. 

She also suggested Adequan.  He's 15 and his joints are getting stiff.

His biggest issue today was a knot on his poll.  A week ago he pulled back while tied to the trailer and broke his leather halter. 
Other than the work on his poll, Flash thoroughly enjoyed his body work.  She said his muscles are nice and loose and the residual soreness from his old saddle is pretty much gone.  Now if we can get his joints comfortable, he'll be in great shape.


  1. Your horses are very lucky to be on the receiving end of this treatment. I especially love some of the shots of Liz and Flash...nice!

  2. high maintenance horsies! but worth it! :)

  3. Aww :) I swear that having my horse 'done' is almost as good as getting done myself. It's so satisfying to see them unlock and stretch out!

  4. Good gosh Annette! These are fantastic photos. Just awesome! Can't say enough!

  5. That was a nice experience. Love the photo essay and the pole work. Jackson is a funny boy. "Excuse me people, there is HAY is my stall..."


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