Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Line Dancing... sort of

Brett and I went to Couples Bootcamp last weekend.  It was four days of riding, roping, sorting cattle, moving cattle.... exhausting!  We didn't lose weight though.  When we weren't riding, we were eating.  The food was amazing in both quality and quantity.  The second evening, after dinner, they brought in an instructor to teach us line dancing.  hahahahaha.  Brett and I are the world's worst dancers.  We sit and listen to the music, tap our feet, think we want to dance -- and then when we try, it's a disaster.  I attempted line dancing but I think I was over-thinking it.  I wasn't successful at any rate.  Brett claimed he had to use the men's room and disappeared.  We managed to sort of two-step to one song.  Sort of, kind of, but not very gracefully.

We did dress for the occasion, though.  So we looked spiffy sitting on the sidelines.

There were four other couples in our bootcamp.  Peter got the prize for most entertaining dancer.  After we finished with the line dancing part, he requested that they play "Brick House."  He was hysterical.


  1. oh, one of my favorite dance tunes! :)

  2. So that's where you went! Loved the video.

  3. I am sure my face would have hurt from laughter. Was whiskey involved in this performance? You two are so cute in your duds! Sounds like a blast!

  4. He's got some hip action going on there.......better than either of us could ever muster;)


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