Sunday, October 30, 2011

On The Trail Again

This morning Brett and I trailered Flash and Jackson down to Los Penasquitos Canyon for a trail ride.  It was a big test for Jackson.  This was his first time back in the trailer since March and his first "real" trail ride.  Up until now, we've just been riding around our community with short forays onto the local trails. 

Los Penasquitos Canyon Preserve is an hour and a half from our place.  It's a coastal canyon in San Diego County.  We like riding there because the trails are shady, crossing back and forth across a stream.  The preserve is closed much of the winter because once the rains start the stream becomes dangerously full and fast. 

Some of trail is hard packed, rocky road and shared with mountain bikes.  But, most of the time we were on single track trails reserved for hikers and horses.  They ran closer to the stream, in the shade, and were much softer.  We rode for two hours.  Jackson was great.  He sloshed through the water, marched on the roads, didn't blink at the mountain bikes, and smiled at the hikers.

The weather was warm, in the 80s, and the people on mountain bikes all had that parched red-in-the-face look you get when you push it hard in the heat.  Most of the mountain bikers were courteous; slowing down or stopping, and asking if they could pass. 

About 10 minutes into our ride, a woman on a Paint horse rode up behind us.  She was alone and asked if she could join us so of course we said yes.  For most of the ride, Jackson and I were in front followed by Flash and Brett and the woman brought up the rear.  I was thankful.  Man, that woman could talk!  Nonstop.  Blah blah blah.  Brett is more of a talker than I am, which is good, so he chatted away to her.  She was very nice, just a motormouth.  One of the things I love about trail riding is the solitude, the sound of birds and the clip clop of hooves.  I suppose I am selfish about my trail time.

But even with Mrs. Yakkity Yak, it was a very nice ride. 

I'm keeping my fingers crossed that Jackson isn't lame in the morning.


  1. Thank you for those lovely photos!

    I went on a trail ride today, too! Although my scenery was thick woods and lots of mud puddles. It rained here all day yesterday while much of NJ experienced an early blizzard.

    I like quiet trail rides, too. But I had to yell twice during today's trail ride. Once to alert the group to deer (we were in the lead) and once to halt kids on four-wheelers. I wish they would stay home, but I guess everyone likes to ride!

  2. I am laughing!!!! I have a friend, I sha`nt name her, suffice to say, she is, or must be that ladies Sister!!LOL

    Can my friend talk, non stop! But I have to say this, I do adore her, there has been times when her chat has been a saving grace. But it can be the opposite!


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