Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Jackson Goes on a Trail Ride

This morning, Brett and I took the horses on a trail ride.  We rode on the ridge trail, which starts at the end of one of the roads in our community and climbs along a ridge.  The views are great and its nice on days that aren't too warm.  It's also not a long trail -- about an hour from the time we leave our barn to when we get back.  I thought it would be a good first trail ride for Jackson.  He did great.  Just before we got to the trail, we met a new trail buddy.  She was trying to shush her dogs and we started chatting.  We ended up asking her to join us and she jumped on her beautiful mustang, Bella, bareback and off we went. 

Shortly after we returned, our vet arrived to vaccinate the horses and dogs.  Brett wanted her to check out Flash as he's starting to show some joint soreness from time to time.  He is 15 and Brett wants to make sure his joints are supported appropriately.  She did some flexion tests and watched Brett trot him out.  She said he was doing pretty well but recommended Adequan as a preventative measure.

Discussing Flash, who looks a tad concerned.

All the horses and donkeys were measured for weight.  Flash and Jackson each weighed 1100 lbs. 

Flash did great.  Brett... a bit of a struggle with his bad knee. 


  1. My sympathies are with Brett here! It must be an age thing! If its not my back, its my knee, if not that, then something else! What the hell, life is good, and you gotta live it!

    Good on ya Brett! Glad to here the horses and dogs are fine. Pleased about Jackson, seems he`s coming along in leaps and bounds! BTW, great video!

  2. What a beautiful place for a ride. Nice that you vet does dogs and horses. I totally understand a bad knee Brett.

  3. bella's buckskin butt looks so broad and comfortable in the video. nice that you made a new friend! :)

  4. Lovely ride! Thanks for sharing.

  5. Poor Brett. Is there nothing this man will not do for his woman or his horses?

  6. I just cannot get enough of the landscape out there. I am glad that Flash is doing well. I think prevention is a good rule of thumb.

    Was that Harley's cousin? Bella has a much nicer shape for bareback, though. Very cute!


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