Friday, October 7, 2011

First Frost

Last night was cold and we woke to frost on the roofs.  By the time we braved the cold and went outside to feed at 7:30, it was starting to melt away.

There is something about a nice, crisp morning that brings out an appetite for breakfast.  All the animals were very impatient, including the goats who skipped pets and pats in favor of hay.

After breakfast the dogs took a nap and I gathered apples to make applesauce.

I love this apple peeler/corer/slicer.  It does everything in 10 seconds.  No lie.

In the late afternoon, Brett and I rode.  The sand in the arena had dried enough to be perfectly evenly damp.  Riding heaven.  Bear and Bella were out and about.  They met me at the hen house.

Bella crawled underneath and went exploring.

Down at the barn, Bear checked out Jackson's stall.  Looking for tasty tidbits... good luck, Jackson licks his bowl clean in the morning.

And Bella, as alwasy, was showing off her jumping skills.

We tacked up the horses and headed to the arena.  Jackson took awhile to settle into his work.  He didn't want to bend, he didn't want to lift his back and he didn't want to pay attention.  I was starting to get concerned ... is it pain?... but then he finally started to work.  He offered some wonderful reaching trot and I swear we even floated a few strides.  Yes!  Then we moved on to canter.  Jackson was hysterical.  He took a few strides and then lowered his head, slowed to an almost stop, and tried to crow-hop.  I sent him forward so he threw his head in the air and tried to bolt.  When he slowed and tried to drop down to trot, I kept him going.  We did that business three or four times and then he got with the program.  His canter, once he settled, was forward, fluid and balanced.  I tried some counter canter and he was able to do a shallow serpentine on the right lead.  He tried on the left but just isn't there yet.  That's okay.  All I wanted was try. 

Doesn't he look naughty?  I took this picture AFTER we rode.  I shared an apple with him and gave him a kiss on his velvet nose.  I am so happy he's feeling good that I'll forgive him the antics.  I'd rather have antics than gimpy.  Any day.


  1. good for jackson (and you!) oh, those goats are so adorable! bear and bella better stay safe! and your 2 pups? LOVE!!!

  2. Those two little goaties are very adventurous.

    The apple dohickey is mighty cool...and the end product looks delicious. I love these temperatures for mornings that flow into the 60s. Perfect.

  3. Gorgeous photos with equally gorgeous weather! : )


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