Sunday, October 9, 2011

A Really Nice Weekend

This weekend was quiet in a busy sort of way.  The weather was perfect with highs in the mid 70s and nights in the low 40s.

We stayed busy with ranchy chores like moving compost, putting new straw in Jackson's stall and the goat shed, and spending as much time outside as possible.

I'm not sure that Brett asked for help in the hay shed, but these two volunteered anyway.

Saturday, Camille came up with two of her friends.  They are the nicest bunch of girls -- polite, helpful, and good eaters.  I made lasagne for dinner with homemade rolls and a salad full of apples, fennel, cucumber, tomato and red bell pepper.

Camille, Brett, Kelly and Sarah
This afternoon, after I returned home from Homecoming dress shopping with Camille, Brett and I went for a ride around the block.  Both horses were on their best behavior.  A house along the way that has been vacant for a number of years was full of activity.  We were told that yes, someone was moving into the house and yes, they have horses -- six!  I'm always happy to see more horses on the ranch.  And I'm happy someone will be living in that house finally.  I think I mentioned it in a previous post, during a video of my ride around the block.

We stopped for awhile at the pond and enjoyed the late afternoon warmth.  Flash and Jackson stood quietly, soaking in the day as well.  We eventually continued on, up the hill and then back down the steep part.  Jackson trucked right along with no hesitation.  The only time he slowed and showed reluctance was when we got back home -- I think he wanted to keep going.

It was just Brett and I for dinner tonight.  The girls have gone back down the mountain for school Monday.  Brett barbequed some Ahi and I roasted acorn squash and sauteed swiss chard, then tossed in hazelnuts and raisins.  Yum.


  1. Wish I lived closer so I could come over for some of that lasagna!

  2. the lasagna looks delicious! you can keep the ahi, though! :)

  3. A glowing weekend to squirrel away, to be polished off as a shining reminiscence once the days get shorter and colder.

  4. What a nice weekend...looks like the weather east and west was delightful.

    Your dinners look delish!

  5. Really nice post and perfect weekend it looks like.


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