Saturday, October 29, 2011

Busy in the Garden

This morning I started picking the Fuji apples off of the trees. 

I took five baskets down to the refrigerator in the barn.  I filled the fridge -- All the drawers and two buckets full to the brim -- and I still have a tree with a lot more apples.  I see more apple pie and applesauce in my future.

Next I turned my attention to the vegetable garden.  I harvested the last of the tomatoes and then pulled out the plants.
Tomatoes for me

Tomatoes for the chickens.

The chickens were quite pleased with the bounty.

After pulling out the plants, I covered the planter bed with a thick layer of composted horse manure.  I dug it in, turning the soil deeply with a spade, and then planted it with garlic and beets. 

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  1. Do you practice crop rotation?

    I would love to have a farm like yours, although I would need to leave my job to accomplish all that you do in a day. I am impressed!


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