Sunday, March 30, 2014

Wonderful Weekend

While it poured rain at Oak Creek Ranch, Brett and I were in sunny Solvang at the Alisal Ranch.  It was my birthday present from Brett.  We had a great time riding on the cattle ranch, eating far too much good food, and relaxing in our cabin.  Saturday morning we drove into Santa Barbara and walked around the botanic gardens.

There were poppies blooming like crazy.  At home, the poppies are just coming up and they certainly aren't blooming yet.

Santa Barbara is a good seven hour drive south from here, on the coast, with sunshine, mild temperatures and lupine in bloom.

Waves and waves of color.

Even the turtles in the garden pond were enjoying the weather.

We're back home tonight.  It rained almost two inches while we were gone according to the rain gauge.  It's raining right now and will continue off and on all week.  There's even a chance of snow Tuesday morning.  Poppies?  Not quite, not here, not yet.


  1. Happy Birthday. Did you ride at Alisal this time?

  2. What a beautiful place. I have a friend who is relocating to Santa Ynez. I hope to have a chance to head up that way and see her (and the remarkably beautiful scenery like what you've featured!) Sounds like fun!

  3. Beautiful pictures! I can't wait for the flowers to bloom here. Not here. Not yet. (To quote you).

  4. oh my god. Poppies?! gack. we're getting freezing rain.

  5. What a treat to be able to literally drive to Spring. I could almost smell the air in these photos. Happy Birthday!


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