Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Jackson Cracks me Up

Tonight when I got home from work Brett was riding his mower outside the front gate.

The dogs were on time-out (Kersey got out under the fence again).  Two Canada geese were enjoying the clover pasture and the horses were milling about, nibbling on the green grass.

I couldn't wait to change into my jeans and get outside.  Rain clouds had been gathering all day and were crowded together overhead.

 Jackson was a filthy muddy mess.  They all are but it really shows on a grey horse; dirt and grass stains ground into his hair.  I was going to give him his daily once over with the shedding blade but decided to give him a full grooming session instead.  He turned his head back to watch me, to check my pockets for cookies, to ask for face rubs and to give me friendly bumps with his nose.  I smiled through the white fur that was flying off his body.

As I walked back to the barn to put away Jackson's tack bag, he reached his head down to the hoof that had been bothering him and started to rub, then lick, the hoof.  Weirdo.  I thought maybe there was some adhesive on the hoof from the bootie I had made him.  But no, there wasn't anything on the hoof but right at the coronet band there was a hole.

Jackson had two abscesses in that foot.  Oh, man, no wonder he was in such pain.  Sunday, I found a hole in the sole and he was walking much better but not 100%.  Tonight he was walking completely sound so it was the second abscess bursting that gave him complete relief.  Poor guy.

Brett finished up his mowing and rode the mower up to the barn to put it away.  He rode it, roaring and spitting grass, right past Jackson who was still grazing in the vicinity.  Jackson didn't even look up as Brett passed by close enough to reach out and touch Jackson if he had wanted.

I had finished up the chores so we brought the horses into the barn for the night.  It has started to rain.   I love the sound of the rain.


  1. Poor Jackson - glad he's feeling better now!

  2. Glad that Jackson is doing well. Do you do the epsom salts soaks with him, or just the boot? He sure is bombproof.

  3. glad jackson is now feeling better! poor guy.

  4. So is this what has been bothering Jackson the last few weeks? Thank heavens both abcsesses burst!

  5. Poor Jackson, 2 of those suckers, ouch!

    Want to say, the pictures of your property are just beautiful. Love all the big, old oak trees surrounding the dressage court.


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