Sunday, March 16, 2014

Brett's Project: Chicken Pen

We've really missed having chickens and their eggs.  I told Brett I wanted to get some chicks in April so he's been busy planning and building their digs.  He gathered his supplies and marked where to put the posts for the chicken pen.

We ordered a shed and last Friday the guy came with his truck and his nail gun to put it up.
The Front

The Back
Shelf for nesting boxes

Saturday, we picked up some old produce packing boxes to use as nesting boxes and Rusty the Rooster for the front.

Brett's friend, Richard, arrived last night to visit for a few days.  They always work on projects together.   Today they worked on getting the fencing up for the chicken pen.  They started by framing the gate Brett installed next to the pen with access into my garden.  Brett made the gate wide enough to accommodate his tractor so he can bring in loads of compost for the fruit trees and planters.  The cross beam is to keep deer from jumping over the gate into the garden.

Brett and Richard were college roommates.  Richard was an aeronautical engineering major and Brett started out in architecture.   Between the two of them, they made sure the fencing was perfectly level and straight.

I know it is overkill for a chicken pen but that's the way Brett does things.  We used to joke that the chicken pen at Aspen Meadows was a palace.  This one is looking like a chicken resort.


  1. I love it! Beautiful shed and nice big yard. Another first class project by Brett and company! No grass grows under your feet. Also, great header shot. Did not realize the horses were so close to the house. Perfect.

  2. Really nice! I hope the neighbors don't complain about the crowing.

  3. Looks like one sturdy chicken coop.

  4. That is some straight fencing!

    Will there be a roof on the enclosure to deter rapters? What type of chickens will you raise?

  5. Wow you are going to have very happy chickens:) Lucky them I think Brett does things perfect. Hug B


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