Saturday, March 8, 2014

The Back Forty

This morning when I went outside to do chores, I found the horses by the barn.  Flash was inside the dog run (my bad, I forgot to shut the gate last night), Jackson was standing next to him just outside, and Mufasa was watching Flash to see if he was going to come out of the dog area.  The fly masks, which had been hanging on the corner post, were on the ground.

I put halters on Jackson and Flash to walk them out to the back pasture which is full of green grass.  Jackson marched along beside me, steady and sound.  Flash lagged behind, the lead rope at its full length, as he gingerly followed.  Mufasa took up the rear, no halter or lead rope required.  He was not going to be left behind.

I couldn't get the pasture gate open fast enough.  Flash and Jackson barely cleared the gate before dropping their heads to graze.

Mufasa did a bit of a walk-around, checking out the new digs, before settling in to graze.

The horses were happy in the pasture all day with the grass, a water trough and a creek.

The donkeys watched the horses from their pasture.  I'm sure they were wishing they were out in the back forty as well.

The sun was coming up over the barn as I headed back from the back pasture to let the dogs out of the barn and feed the goats.

We had a sunny day with highs in the 60s.  Clouds started gathering in the afternoon and we expect rain tomorrow night.  We are up to 20% of normal rainfall now -- an improvement from February when we were at 12%.


  1. as I march around the property through the snow checking to see if the ring is anywhere near thawed I am totally jealous of you. :)

  2. Annette,
    Shelley and I love reading your blog. We want to send our condolences on the loss of your mother. My father died over 26 years ago. I miss him and often receive visits (dreams, I like to think of them as visits from him) at night. God bless. I'm looking forward to visiting in May. Stay healthy and give Pops my love.
    Marty & Shelley A.


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