Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Going Down Centerline

I did some work at home this morning before heading into the office, a bit later than usual.  Brett asked me if I would help him take the horses from the oak pasture up to the back one.  Brett took Flash's halter, I took Jackson's, we let the dogs out and headed over to get the horses.

On the way, we passed behind my garden where Brett is starting on his next project.  (Excuse Sedona's squat -- I didn't notice her in the picture when I took it.  so unladylike).

When we got to the dressage court, which lays in front of the back pasture, Brett went to the left with Flash while Jackson and I went to the right.

Mufasa was not on a lead line but following along with me and Jackson; sometimes at my shoulder and sometimes at Jackson's hip.  When we turned left to go around the court, Mufasa stopped confused.  He looked right at Flash, then left at Jackson, licked his lips a few times and then marched straight down centerline.  I stopped halfway down the long side to take a picture of him but while I was getting the camera out, he walked over to me.

Ever since his incident with getting locked outside the property, he's been a different horse.  No more Mr. Distance.  He comes right up to us and will drop his head over Brett's shoulder for a scratch.


  1. i'm so glad he's finally 'adopted' you. :)

  2. Mufasa is a sweet boy. Still waters run deep as they say. :D

  3. In the long run, Mufasa getting out was good for something! A real turning point.

  4. he saw that the grass is NOT greener on the other side :) its better here!


  5. Love how he "split the difference"! Also that he's finally seeing the benefit of hanging out with you.

  6. Oh, gosh, I'm trying to get caught up... you are greening up so nicely out there!


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