Sunday, March 2, 2014

Rocks and Goats

Brett moved a pile of rocks from the area where he now parks the horse trailer over close to the goat pen.  We needed three people to move the rocks into the pen.  Two people to move rocks and one to keep the goats occupied.  Thistle and Bear are easy to catch.  They follow us like dogs.  Whiskey can be a challenge and Cowboy is flat out impossible.
Cowboy, Bear, Thistle, Whiskey

I got diversion duty.  I took a container of Cheerios into the pen and sat on the backside of the shelter so they couldn't see the open gate.  The goats go nuts for Cheerios.  I put a pile on the ground on either side of me for Whiskey and Cowboy, Thistle ate out of my hand and Bear tried to shove his head in the container.

Brett and Camille got all the rocks moved into the pen and shut the gate.  They piled the rocks so the goats would have a playground toy.  The goats loved climbing on the boulders in their pen at Aspen Meadows and we feel badly that they don't have anything to climb on (except their igloo dog houses in the shelter) here.

They seemed more interested in rubbing their foreheads against the rocks than climbing.

Brett tried to convince Bear by lifting him up onto the rocks.

Bear was nonplussed.  It's raining again so they aren't venturing out of their shelter.  When the sun comes out we're hoping they start playing king of the hill.


  1. really cute. i have no doubt they'll love it.

  2. Good idea. They will love having something to climb on.

  3. Good try but if you parked a car there instead of a pile of rocks they would have been on top in no time....Don't ask me how I know that:) Hug. B


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