Saturday, June 8, 2013


This past week Aspen Meadows was inspected from head to toe. The pest inspection came back clean with zero issues. The septic on the house was clean as well. We didn't realize that the septic on the barn also needed inspection (thought it was just inhabited spaces), so Brett spent two days digging and scraping and pounding holes in the ground looking for the lids. He found them, but he's hurting as a result of all the labor. Friday, was the house inspection. The new buyers came up in the afternoon with their agent and his wife to talk to the inspector about his findings. The inspector was complimentary of the construction and the electrical, in particular. The agent's wife gushed about the flower beds. The new buyer and her daughter measured to see if their furniture would fit and the daughter (23) picked Brett's brain on how best to maintain the footing in the arena. They spent the entire afternoon at Aspen Meadows.

We should be feeling great, right?


It reminded us of all the work, the sweat, the blood, the digging, and building, and planting we did to make Aspen Meadows our paradise. We are buying a property that has been sitting vacant. A barn full of cobwebs, loose wires, and dead birds. Pastures overgrown with weeds. A kitchen that is in need of remodeling.

Friday, was hot in Sacramento. 109F hot. The steering wheel of the car burned my hands as I drove to a meeting in Grass Valley. Afterwards, I decided to drive out to the new house and see if I could bring back the excitement; or at least lose the dread. As I drove under a canopy of green trees, arching and touching its leafy arms above me, I spotted a roadside stand selling cherries. I bought a bag and climbed back in my car. It was slightly cooler at the house -- 99F. I sat on the porch swing and ate my cherries.

Birds were singing and a squirrel balanced on the fence rail, watching me. It was quiet and the peace of the valley seeped into my heart. I realized that the interior of the house didn't matter to me. What I love is the land, the peaceful valley, the pines and the oaks, the vineyards and the deeply shaded pastures.

I'm ready to let Aspen Meadows go.

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