Monday, June 3, 2013

So Happy Together: Part Two

Brett rode Mufasa on Sunday after I finished with Winston.
It was just before noon and, despite running the arena sprinklers earlier, dusty and dry.
I called out "You look like Pigpen" as they rode past because there was a cloud of dust billowing and drifting behind them.

Mufasa is learning about balance, tempo and rhythm.  He's making definite improvement.  His tempo and rhythm are good, and the balance will come.

He already has moments where he is quite balanced.  Brett is building on that.

Brett is thoroughly enjoying Mufasa.  This horse has a quiet, kind face.  At times, he almost looks dopey.  But make no mistake.  He is smart.  Very smart. And he tries with all of his heart and all of his mind.  He is solid, safe, forward and fun.  Brett sure hit the jackpot with this guy.

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