Saturday, June 29, 2013

Its Too Dang Hot For This

Too dang hot for packing.  I've been packing in the house where its cool.  Brett's been working outside.  He handles the heat much better than I do.  Ten minutes and I start feeling dizzy and nauseous.  Its a touch humid so the heat feels especially oppressive.

While I packed the pantry, Brett loaded his ride-on mower, some hay, the dog house and the rabbit hutch into the trailer.

The horses are resting in their stalls.  It's too hot to venture out into the dry, dusty pasture.

At lunchtime, we took a break and went to The Lookout for lunch.  We've been going to this motorcycle road stop since we started building Aspen Meadows 12 years ago.  It seemed fitting that we eat there while packing up to leave.  The owner gave us dessert on the house and wished us well. 

And, AND!, I have some really good news for my blogging buddies.  I was able to disable the Google+ commenting!!  Oh Happy Day!  I've missed hearing from you guys so much.


  1. Glad to be able to comment again - love the identical horse expressions!

  2. ha! the website says that it only feels like 100! :)

    go back to packing!

  3. Yaay!!! I've been following your blog for awhile but couldn't comment! :( I love your horses! They are beautiful! :)

  4. It was 107 here today. I totally feel your pain and I hope it cools down soon!

  5. Oh yay! I've been following your adventures and wishing you well in my heart, but have been unable to comment!

  6. It's too hot to live. When is summer over again?

  7. Awful - we're hearing about your heatwave over here.
    Packing is a nightmare at the best of times, can't imagine it in 100+ temps.

  8. Oh thank goodness! Google plus is obnoxious!! So sorry you have to move during such hot days-it was 97 here today-ugh! So grateful for the A/C! I have hosed off the herd twice already today...

    How sweet to get well Wishes and a free dessert-a nice way to end a tradition!
    Sending cooler thoughts your way!

  9. That's very hot! Hope it cools down for you so the packing isn't so miserable. I'd stay in the house too. Hate this heat and humidity.

    Seems like you're almost ready to go. Nice that you were able to have lunch and say goodbye to your friends.


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