Sunday, June 2, 2013

So Happy Together: Part One

I've missed riding Winston.
I've been too sore from my fall to ride
until this weekend.
it was 96F up here.

Today, its cooler
--only 85F or so.

Winston could hardly believe
I was getting him out to ride.
It's been three weeks
since I bailed into the gravel.

Brett was nervous.
He stood with us at the mounting block.
Winston was insulted.
Seriously dude,
I'm not gonna dump your wife.
He stood still as a statue while I mounted,
and then calmly walked off to the arena.

The sun glared down at us and there wasn't much shade.

Winston was listening, concentrating hard,
and doing his best to answer all my requests.

I'm trying to get him to reach under with his hind inside leg.
To accomplish that, 
he needs to move forward with energy,
and reach way under with that leg.
I concentrated on feeling where he was putting that foot.
We spiraled in to a small circle.
Then we spiraled back out.
And then he nailed it.
So we called it a day.

Winston may be young,
and insecure at times,
but he loves to work,
he loves to succeed, 
and he loves being my partner.
We're very happy together.

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