Sunday, June 23, 2013

Last Weekend Home

This is my last full weekend at Aspen Meadows.
First priority this morning was my Skoog Farm rhubarb; 
my Friendship Rhubarb.
I moved it from its happy home in the raised garden box: a couple of large pots.
The roots were huge! 
Very happy rhubarb;
I hope it stays happy during the move
and in its new garden home.

My second priority
was riding this guy.

We haven't been able to do any work in a month.
His ears were perked forward,
he chewed softly on the bit,
the reins were like silk threads to his mouth,
vibrating with conversation.
He lifted his back
and floated me in an effortless trot around the arena.

Then it was back to work.
Packing, sorting, taking inventory.

Mufasa shared his lunch with the donkeys.

We're sharing our lunch with a large herd of college kids.
BBQ tri-tip on the grill;
a glass of wine;
the kids, the animals, and us
together at Aspen Meadows.

A perfect farewell.

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