Monday, June 24, 2013

Last Look at the Garden

Sunday evening I flew back to Sacramento.
But, first, I packed a few boxes,
washed and washed and washed -
horse pads, breeches, linens.
Anything stripped from a bed
or the back of a horse.

Brett and the gang of college kids
loaded Brett's dump trailer and the back of his truck.
Kyle's bed, desk and dresser 
to drop off in SLO;
Our wicker patio furniture
which will be furniture for the new house
until the moving truck delivers the rest 
at the end of July.

Brett and Kyle will drive to SLO,
and then Brett will continue to Placerville
to put this load in storage.
Then he'll head back south.
Rinse and repeat
four or five times.
He's going to be driving up and down the State
almost every day for the next two weeks.

I'll fly back to Aspen Meadows next Friday night.
We'll drive the truck and Brett's car back up to Placerville
the next morning 
with more stuff
and the dogs. 

So, this past weekend I said goodbye to my garden,
the orchard,
and the pool.
I won't have time for goodbyes next weekend.

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