Saturday, June 22, 2013

Sorting Through the Attic

The barn attic, to be precise.  Kyle and Camille are home this weekend to say farewell to Aspen Meadows.  Camille brought up a few friends and Kyle has a couple arriving tomorrow.  While the girls lazed by the pool,

Kyle climbed up into the barn attic and started sorting through the boxes.

Brett held the ladder

and caught the boxes and bits that Kyle dropped down.  There were old air mattresses, camping supplies, dust, and mouse turds.  I wonder how old this bag of Doritos is... ten years?

The horses weren't too impressed with the tamborine.

Jackson wanted an explanation for all the commotion.  I told him he would find out soon enough.  He wasn't impressed with my answer.

There was a box of Brett's swim trophies and childhood schoolwork.

But the real trophy was this kick board -- it dates way back to the 1960s when Brett was swimming with the Glendora Ducks.  He was ridiculously, delirously, giddy about the find.

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