Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Winston Does the "Dawn Thing"

This afternoon I squeezed a ride in on Winston in the late afternoon.  I was tied to the computer and the phone all day with work, and took a gamble that no work related emails or calls would come in between 3 and 4pm.  Of course, when I got back up to the house both of the proposals I'd been waiting for all day had arrived in my inbox. 

In the meantime, though, I rode my horse.  My expectations weren't particularly high.  I woke with a headache this morning.  It disappeared for awhile but came back about an hour before I rode.  I was hoping that the fresh air, exercise and focus required to ride Winston would banish the pain.  I did forget about it while I was riding, but it rushed back in a heavy wave over my scalp the minute I got off. 

We had sunny skies and comfortably warm weather until 3:00.

When I led Winston out of the pasture and up to the tie rail, there was a stiff cold wind blowing and dark clouds out to the west.   When I slid Winston's halter off to put on his bridle, he snuggled his head in my arms and held it there.  I was amazed.  Most horses are claustrophobic about their heads. Not Winston.  After he was bridled, I turned to pick up my helmet and gloves.  Winston rested his head on my shoulder.  Do you read Kate's blog A Year With Horses?  If you do, then you are familiar with Dawn, a thoroughbred who belongs to her daughter.  Kate rides the horse now that her daughter is launched and it has been quite a journey.   Dawn is a sensitive horse, requiring very tactful riding.  Dawn is also still very much her daughter's horse; there is a special bond between the two of them.  So, Kate was happily surprised when Dawn started resting her head on Kate's shoulder in a gesture of affection.  When Winston rested his head on my shoulder, eyes soft and warm, and breathed soft and contently.... well, my thought was "He's doing the Dawn thing!"

By the time we finished, the sky was all clouds with no blue to be seen.
Tonight, the rain starts. 
Tomorrow, we drive to San Luis Obispo in the rain.  We will have dinner with my son, in the rain, and spend the night.
Friday, we will drive the remainder of the trip to San Francisco.  In the rain.  We will attend the rehearsal dinner for Brett's neice.  In the rain.
Satuday, we will go to her wedding at the SF Zoo.  In the rain.
Sunday, we will drive home.  In the rain.

Quack, quack.


  1. I read Kate's posts and you are was a Dawn kinda thing. What a sweet boy you have found.

  2. Anyone can get married in the sunshine...

  3. What a sweet boy - it's a very special feeling!

  4. How sweet! Maybe he was trying to help fix your headache.
    Enjoy the weekend (in the rain)

  5. winston's trust and tenderness made me smile.

    good luck with the RAIN!

  6. Safe travels and I'm going to belive that Winston felt your headache and was comforting you. Just a thought! They understand way more than we give them credit for.


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