Sunday, November 18, 2012

Give Me Twelve More Years

Last night, as Brett and I shared a Charcutier Plate consisting of duck prosciutto, chicken terrine, fried rilletes, potted pork, grilled bread, house-made mustard, and sipped our Kir Royales (champagne cocktail) I told him that I wanted another 12 years.  We shared a salad of baby greens and warm goat cheese and he asked, "So when we've been married twenty years are you going to ask for another twenty?"  Absolutely!  By the time we started eating our steaks, sauteed mushrooms and potatoes, I was stuffed.  We drank most of our nicest bottle of L'Aventure wine (a syrah, cabernet blend) and sank deeper into the cushions of our quiet corner table.  A big thank you to Sandy, Don and Katie.  Remember Kalvin who used to board here at Aspen Meadows?  When Katie moved him down the mountain to be closer to her, her family gave Brett and I a gift certificate to a French restaurant in Costa Mesa.  We used it last night. 

Of course, after eating all that food and drinking all that wine we were in no condition to drive an hour back up the mountain.  I had booked us a room at the hotel where Pinot Provence is located so all we had to do was stagger to the elevator and collapse in bed, too stuffed to move.  Our room looked out over the Performing Arts center, past a huge Christmas tree, and the twinkling lights of Orange County.  We left the drapes open all night so we could enjoy the view.  That way, too, we woke at dawn so we could be back home in time for the morning feeding. 

Before dinner, Brett gave me a card...

and jewelry!!  Awhile back, we went to dinner with Brett's sister and her husband.  Dana, his sister, was wearing the most beautiful, unique necklace and I went crazy over it.  Now I have one of my own. 

Today, which was our actual anniversary, was quiet.  It was raining when we got home and water dripped off the brim of my cowboy hat while I mucked.  The clouds started moving out by noontime, but it remained cold outside.  Brett watched some football.  I played games on my iPad.  We were not productive.  We are not used to big meals and lots of wine -- I usually have one glass of wine with dinner, Brett sometimes two -- so we were tired.  We rode Winston and Flash around the block in the mid-afternoon.  I'm making a quiche for dinner. 

Tomorrow, we start on the next twelve years of wedded bliss.


  1. That necklace is beautiful.

    Congrats on your 12 years. Here's to another 20!

  2. Congratulations and enjoy it splendidly :-)

  3. Congratulations. You guys have so much in common and get so much enjoyment out of working on your home & your horses, it's no wonder you are so happy together.
    Wishing you more & more happiness for the next twelve years.

  4. Happy Anniversary you two! You sure know how to celebrate. What a meal, card and gorgeous necklace! The weather map looks like you are in for some very heavy rain...

  5. You guys really know how to celebrate! Love the card and the jewlery!

  6. Awww you guys are so cute! You both are the best and better when together! Happy Anniversary!

  7. Congratulations Annette and Brett - the world needs more successful and happy partnerships like yours!! (((♡♡♡)))

  8. I love a good love story!

    Congratulations to you both


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