Friday, November 2, 2012

Sweet Dreams

This morning we were socked in with a dense, wet, cold fog.  Brett went down to the barn before dawn to do chores.  I slept until 7:00 and then started a fire in the wood stove before making my morning cup of espresso.

By late morning the sun had burned away most of the fog and we had 50-50 weather.  Sunlight beating back the fog.

By the afternoon, the sun had won and we had a clear, warm day with temps in the 60s.  I went down to turn on the arena sprinklers so it wouldn't be too dusty riding in the arena, and everyone except Jackson was sacked out.  Flash and Winston were side by side in the deepest, sandiest spot and a bit further on Tuffy and Finessa were snoozing away.  I went back to the house to get my camera and when I got back, everyone was up except Flash.

He was having a humdinger of a good dream, chasing something or maybe just running for the sheer joy of it.  Look at him:

An hour or so later, I went down to the barn to ride.  Flash, Winston and Jackson were all hanging by the water cooler telling jokes.  They came up the barn when they saw me.

Tuffy and Finessa were ... taking ANOTHER nap.  Such lazy butts!

Winston and I had a good ride.  My back felt pretty good.  I limited myself to just a bit more than five minutes of trot.  I planned to only ride five minutes of trot but he felt so wonderful that I kept going just a tad more.


  1. Semi-retirement must fit the old boy well. Where's his Dad? Running errands I suppose.

  2. What a beautiful day. Your critters must all feel very comfortable and safe to sack out like that. Sweet.

  3. Oh I love this to watch Flash having sweet dream and knowing Tuffy and Finessa were trying to catch the same nice dream is cute.
    You must get such a peace riding. B

  4. To sleep, perchance to dream... How sweet that sense of security, oblivious to all around. Not bad for a flight animal.

  5. I've seen my dogs chasing rabbits in their sleep plenty of times, but never a horse! Very cute!
    Looks like a great day & good to hear your back is improving

  6. I often wonder just whats going on in a sleeping horses head? They always move.
    Glad to hear your back is feeling better.

  7. Nice - I love it when the horses have sweet dreams! Looks like a beautiful day. I'm glad you're feeling better.


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