Thursday, November 8, 2012

Looky Who's Here!

The rain was not forecast to arrive until tonight, but we woke to the sound of water dripping from the rain gutter outside out bedroom.  It wasn't raining hard, just light showers that came and went, but it was foggy and cold.  We bundled up and headed to the barn.

But, wait!  Who is this horse eying me with suspicion as I approach with my camera?

And, that ghastly ghostly filthy dirty horse in the mist?

Why, it's Brett's new horse Drifter, hanging out with Jackson.

We drove up to Ojai yesterday afternoon for Drifter's vet check.  He passed with flying colors.  He has a few cosmetic blemishes; he's a ranch horse and there were some skirmishes with wire in his past.  There is a scar on his chest and one on his fetlock.  The one on his fetlock is causing a crack in the hoof but he's completely sound on it.  As Brett told the vet, "I've got more scars than he does."

We got back home at 11:00 pm (yawn) and Brett unloaded Drifter, putting him in the pasture (by himself) so he could roll and relax.  He also was able to meet and greet the rest of the herd.  He didn't mind the donkeys in the least, sharing his hay with them and showing no reaction.  This is a first.  Usually, our newly arrived horses snort, race around, and then chase the donkeys before settling down to mutual acceptance.

This morning, Brett made up the supplement buckets.  Drifter got a handful of sweet feed, a scoop of vitamins and carrots.

Drifter wasn't too sure about going into his stall though.  Brett tried to lure him in with cookies.

That didn't work so Brett got Drifter's halter and brought him in.  He ate a carrot first, then dove into his sweet feed and vitamins.  The carrots sat there for quite awhile.  I'm not sure he's had them before.

After breakfast, the weather tried to clear.  Brett went back to the barn and worked with Flash for awhile.  They did their five minute ride at walk and Flash was groomed.  Brett worked with Drifter next, walking him all over the property and letting him run around the arena.

By lunch time the grey weather had won.  We haven't seen anything but slate clouds, wind, and occasional showers since noontime. 

Thank you for the comments on yesterday's post.  I promise to write a post in the next couple of days answering all the questions.  And welcome to my two newest followers; Leslie and Kim.  Glad to have you!


  1. drifter is pretty. glad he's tucked safely into your herd. :)

  2. That is one happy man and one happy horse. They are going to make a great pair and it sounds like Drifter has an amazing temperment! YAY

  3. Welcome, Drifter! So happy for all of you!

  4. So glad that Drifter is home and doing well - how exciting! Hope to hear more good things shortly . . .

  5. Wooooohoooooo! Way to go Drifter and Brett. Happy Days are here again.

  6. Congratulations, that Drifter is a fine looking fellow.

  7. Cool, delighted he passed the vet :D
    Hope Brett & Drifter have many happy years together.

  8. Congrats to Brett on the new horse. Drifter is very pretty.


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