Sunday, November 4, 2012

Brunch with the Boss

Well, sort of.  About eighteen years ago, I got a new boss.  Everyone at work was afraid of her -- she was very smart, very direct and very strong minded.  In my first meeting with her, I had a differing opinion on how we should proceed on an issue.  I had been warned to just do what she wanted.  Instead, I defended my position and our discussion became heated.  However, I never felt that she was directing her heat at me.  Rather, we coming at the issue from all sides and the energy level in both of us was high.  It was the start of a great working relationship.  She became my mentor and my friend.  When we had a reorganization and she moved to a different area of responsibility (more clinical in focus -- I'm a financial person), I lost her as a boss.  But, we remained friends and she continued to be my most valued sounding board.  Together we weathered numerous CEO changes, a merger or two, and her two successful fights with cancer.  She retired earlier this year, about the time I broke my foot.  Once I was able to walk and drive again, we started meeting every month for breakfast. 

Today, she came up to Aspen Meadows for breakfast.  She had been here once before, about ten years ago, for the open house we had when we finished building.  At that time, there were no fences on the property, no trees, no landscaping, no arena or goats, chickens and donkeys.  I couldn't wait to show her everything we've done to create our perfect paradise.

I was up early, working on breakfast.

First I set the table. 

Then I made pumpkin donuts.  They were amazing.  The recipe is here if you want to try them.  Very easy, very fast (baked not fried), and declared delicious by everyone.

Next, I made an apple and Gruyere cheese quiche.

I whipped some cream with vanilla and put it in the fridge.  I mounded a couple spoonfuls on top of our berries just before we ate.  Here's a trick if you want to make whipped cream ahead of time and not have it go flat and watery on you.  Add a bit of egg white to the cream while you are whipping it and it helps keep the cream stiff.

 As she pulled up the driveway, I got started on our lattes.  I put my favorite sugar out in my prettiest sugar bowl.  Okay, okay.  My only sugar bowl; but it is very pretty.

We walked all over the ranch after breakfast, introducing her to the animals.  We talked about all the fences Brett has put in and his ten years of projects that have made Aspen Meadows the beautiful retreat it has become. 

When I originally invited her to come up to the house, she said "okay, I'll do it once but you are way up that mountain.  I remember it being a long drive and confusing and dirt roads."  I told her the roads are paved now.  She did get a little bit lost but when she left, she said she was definitely coming back again. 

The morning was perfect.  Just perfect.


  1. you (and no doubt, your animals as well) were the perfect host. i bet she enjoyed seeing you and your place again.

  2. Beautious maximus! Loved the house, the food and everything! Who would not want to come back for another visit. Damn, you're good at this!
    Baked donuts????

  3. Absolutely perfect hostessing - you set a beautiful table,made everything just right, and of course she felt so welcomed!!!! :)

  4. Can I come to brunch next time? ;)

    You're such a good hostess, it all looks (and sounds) fab.
    How could she not like your place, it is just picture perfect.

  5. Everything looks beautiful and delicious. The quiche sounds wonderful and different. I'd like to try that sometime. I'm sure she'll be back you and the critters are the perfect hosts.

  6. What a fun morning and what a great thing that you have found such a lovely friend in a boss. Not many can say that! The pumpkin donut recipe is coming to my house but would you share the quiche one too????? Pretty please????

  7. Oh goodness! Everything looks so delicious.. those donuts and the quiche look wonderful.
    I'm sure you all had a nice visit :)


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