Friday, November 23, 2012

Thanksgiving in Colorado

Thanksgiving morning started with Brett making pancakes for the grandkids while Kerri, Brett's daughter, and I started assembling the ingredients and utensils I would need for making the stuffing.

Brett and Chris

Andrew and Telly


My grandmother's stuffing recipe is full of apples and raisins.  I tweaked the recipe a bit, using Craisins instead of raisins and adding some thyme and sage.

Once the turkey was stuffed and in the oven, we relaxed.  The turkey came out beautiful.  I got to work on the mashed potatoes and the rest of the guests started arriving bearing plates of smoked salmon, pies, pumpkin soup, and rolls.  While Kerri set the food out on the buffet, Adam (her husband) carved the turkey, and Brett opened the wine, I made gravy.  Then we feasted.

Today, we'll eat turkey sandwiches for lunch and I'll make a big pot of turkey soup for dinner. 

It was a perfect day; clear Colorado skies, time with family, and great food.  We've come so far from the first years of our marriage when the relationships were a dance around wounds from divorce.  There was no dancing this year, no hurtful moments.  Just easy good times.


  1. I love this picture of the two of you. I know what you mean about the early years. So happy for you that you survived them and kept coming back. Say hello to Colorado for me.

  2. Like Michaele, I love that picture of you and Brett. It sure looks like you had a great time and a great meal.
    We use the exact ingredients for our stuffing! Surprise...

  3. Sounds like the perfect family get-together. Most big family occasions involve some sort of row, so you've done well if you avoided that, never mind the whole divorce issue!

    I love the photo of you & Brett, too. You're looking good!

  4. Having experienced a painful divorce and remarriage transition myself, it warms my heart to see others on the other side of it--loving one another and enjoying being a family...especially during the holidays. Thanks for sharing this. It is very clear there is a lot of love there.


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