Saturday, November 17, 2012

Tell Me What They Did to You

I wish Mufasa could talk to us.  I have some questions, some concerns, some bits of missing history about him.

First of all, Mufasa, why are you so worried about being touched?  Your eye is soft and kind, when I walk into the pasture you immediately walk over and stretch your nose to greet me.  But, if I extend my arm back in greeting, to give you a friendly rub on the face or the neck, you flinch away.  And if I run my hand down your neck to your withers to give you a nice scratch and massage, you swing your hind end away from me and look at me with mild alarm.  It isn't hard to put a bridle or a halter on you.  It's just hard to touch your gorgeous red hair.  You are clearly a curious, friendly fellow by nature and you are beginning to trust Brett.  I am sure you will eventually trust me as well.  I just want to know who hurt you or threatened you so that you feel the need to shy away from contact. 

Mufasa, you have such interesting brands.  What do they stand for?  On your shoulder, you have the number 5.  Is that because you were born in May?

And you have a fancy "W" on your hind.  I know you came from a ranch in Texas and then you went to work work cattle on a ranch a couple of towns over.  This is maybe the brand from the cattle ranch?  The name of the ranch where you were born is called Green Creek Ranch so I don't see a W coming from there.

And then there are the saddle sore scars.  You have matching white scars on both sides where someone rode you in a saddle that didn't fit.  I can see that it rubbed you raw on both sides and that the hair grew back in white, as it does when there is a sore.  This makes me angry.  Is this from the guy in Louisiana who wanted to ride you in rodeo roping?  He sold you because you weren't fast enough.  Did he yank you around and try to jack you up into high excitement and speed?  The movie in my mind is horrible.  I am so sorry, Mufasa.  I promise you that you will never wear tack that doesn't fit ever again. 

Thank you for being a kind, sweet and willing horse despite your past experiences.  Life will be good here.  There will be good food, pasture mates, comfortable saddles, tactful and kind riding -- and lots of attention from Brett.  Prepare to be pampered.  And welcome to Aspen Meadows, your forever home.

Are you enjoying the rain?  You seem to be very comfortable with the herd now. 


  1. Reading this made me tear up....yes if they could only talk. Glad he has a forever home with love and good care at your place.

  2. Lovely :) he will settle in no time

  3. Mufasa is a very lucky horse to have ended up with you and Brett! He'll realize that in time. :D

  4. oh, this poor boy. he has found heaven, though, for the rest of his days. respected, loved, cared for.

  5. I'm so glad Mufasa is with you and Brett so he can learn about trust and love. He adjusted to the other horses quickly...such a sweet boy. We should be in the low 50s for the next 5 days, but the nights are in the 20s.
    The weatherman said that the west coast was going to be pretty chilly for the moment. Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

  6. Wow a new horse!
    He is beautiful although his past is not...I'm glad his future will match his beauty,what a lucky boy to find you!!


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