Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Getting Ready to Go

Brett and I will flying to Colorado this afternoon.  We are spending Thanksgiving with Kerri, Brett's daughter, and her family.  Remember the grandchildren who stayed with us a week this past summer?  We are going to their home.  In addition to packing, we had a lot to get done this morning before leaving. 

The morning was gorgeous, cold enough to be brisk but not cold enough to freeze your fingers if you took your gloves off.

Brett fed the chickens, topped off their water, and refilled the feed container.  Israel will collect (and keep) the eggs and throw them some scratch in the mornings.  Chickens are so easy.  I went out the back door of the garage into the dog yard.  I opened their gate and we headed over to the goats.  They all met me at the gate, but as soon as I tossed a flake of hay into their feeder they all deserted me.  Except for Thistle.  He's my friend.  We always have a snuggle, scratch and burp (Thistle, not me!) session before he eats.

As the dogs and I passed through the orchard on our way to the barn, I noticed that green grass is starting to grow under the fruit trees.  We have green grass in the winter and spring; fall and summer are brown. 

After chores were done, our bags were packed, and we talked briefly with Kerri on the phone -- Brett to coordinate her picking us up at the airport, and me to answer a question about brining the turkey -- we headed back to the barn.  Kerri and I make a great Thanksgiving team.  I cook and she decorates and is the perfect, welcoming, warm hostess.  I hide in the kitchen with a glass of champagne making mashed potatoes and keeping an eye on the bird. 

We had to ride before leaving.  Brett tacked up Flash and went for a walk around the block.

Meanwhile I got Winston out to work in the arena. 

We had a good ride.  I'll write about it in another post and schedule it for while we are gone. 

When Brett finished working with Flash, he rode Mufasa.  He was able to mount from our big green mounting block for the first time.  Mufasa stood quietly, licking and chewing, while Brett climbed up the steps and swung himself on.  Mufasa responds well to direct rein and a snaffle, so Brett is riding him in his dressage tack.  We found a bit that fits and adjusted Flash's bridle; Flash's dressage days are over.  I think Mufasa is VERY handsome in dressage tack. 

Happy Thanksgiving everyone -- including those of you outside the US.  I am very thankful for all of you; for your comments, for reading my blog, for being my friends. 


  1. safe travels! enjoy your holiday with family and food!

  2. I love Mufasa in dressage gear...he looks very comfortable. Smart move.
    Enjoy Thanksgiving in Colorado...take pictures.

  3. Ooh, Mufasa is a very handsome boy in his dressage tack!
    Safe journey and have a wonderful thanksgiving with your family.

  4. Wish I was going to Colorado! Loved the goat photos (imagine that). Have a great time and be safe!

  5. So lovely to see the sun and Mufasa is very handsome (okay we better mention Brett, goats and Winston too huh). Safe travels and as for your last line - back at ya!

  6. Welcome to "my" state! We are having gorgeous weather.
    Brett looks great on M, and I love that relaxed, stretchy walk.


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