Wednesday, September 5, 2012

White Cake with Chocolate Spinkles

This morning when I opened my eyes at 6:15, there was no sunshine and it seemed a bit dark outside.  I got up, reached up to pull the window sash down and noticed that the pool deck was wet.  Rain! 

It wasn't a heavy rain, and it didn't last long -- only leaving a scant 0.01 inches behind -- but it was enough to leave a few puddles and cool us off during chores.  The patio in the dog area was wet.

The dogs took off down the driveway, full of bounce, grinning from ear to ear.

The goats, fearful of getting pneumonia in the 68F wet weather, called to me from inside their shed.  Goats do not like getting wet.  At all.

Flash and Winston waited behind their turnouts for breakfast.  I brought them into the barn for their supplements. 

While they munched in their stalls, I mucked the pasture.  I let Jackson out to roll while I was mucking. 

Then he walked around sniffing all the poo piles I hadn't picked up yet.

Meanwhile, Kersey was doing the same up by the compost bins.  Except she sniffs and then eats the poo.  Gross!  And then she pants her poopy smelly breath in your face.  Yech.

Jackson checked out all the hay bins to see if there was any hay left behind from last night.  There wasn't.

I wanted to take a picture of the chocolate sprinkles on his face but he wasn't cooperating. 

After chores, I made my favorite breakfast.  A cup of espresso, a fried egg and an English muffin.  I ate one of the dark brown eggs from the Maran chickens.  It was a double yolker.  When the chickens are young and just starting to lay, you get some interesting eggs. 

Tasty though, very tasty.


  1. Jackson close portrait it's very funny.

    Have I ever told you how much I like all your place,garden and pets...? :)
    Always so tide and clean, nice horses boxes,goats house... everything it's so well done.

  2. You got rain, we've finally got sunshine! Jackson looks so cute in his close up :-)

  3. cute jackson! so good to see him happy.

    and rain - even a bit - brings hope!

  4. Yes! Jackson looks terrific. We had fog here this morning and yesterday the area had well over 2 inches of rain. At the end of the week we should be cooling down to the low 70s.
    I like eggs and an English muffin too.

  5. I love getting a twin egg - especially when I'm poaching.

    Jackson looks great, like he's feeling really good and happy. :D

  6. I love your horses ... they look strong and smart :-)

  7. Goats are the funniest creatures but I am thinking the rest of your critters make you laugh because I have laughed reading this post. Take care. B


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