Sunday, September 16, 2012

Sunday Stills: Shadows of Ourselves

I took the camera with me to do chores this evening and finally got my Sunday Stills shots done. 

First I let the dogs out:

Then I gave the goats some hay and topped off their water.

The dogs and I headed for the barn and met up with Brett on the way down.

After finishing at the barn, the dogs and I headed back to the house.


  1. Shadows sometimes are more real than people !!!

  2. Love the tail in the shadow on the first shot and the one where you and your husband meet up! Hope he is feeling better.

  3. I liked them all but my fave is the one of you and Brett...nice.

  4. I kept thinking Oh I like this one best, and then I'd scroll to the next one and change my mind- well done!


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