Sunday, September 9, 2012

Sunday Stills: Faces

Winston and Flash got new fly masks.  These have a sun shield above the mesh (yes, they can see out).  They both need protection for their eyes: Flash because his eyes are blue, and Winston because he has that Appy mottling around them.

Don't they look spiffy?  Now, if they would just keep the darn things on...


  1. I think I would like to order some masks like that for myself. There are days when it would just be better for everyone around.

  2. I like teri's comment!

    The boys look like bank-robbers. But the masks look very robust & I'm sure you'll figure out some way of making them stay on.

  3. I like Terri's comment too!

    Your horses look very handsome in their new masks. Hope they show up in the dirt after they manage to discard them. I have to go out and look for a few in the pastures today. Just hope they're still in one piece.

  4. Haha - good comment above :-). I've given up trying to keep the masks on around here. Sigh.


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