Thursday, September 6, 2012

Chocolate Eggs

Our French Maran chickens, newest members of the flock, started laying eggs this week.  The eggs are a deep chocolate brown.  Here's a picture of one with a white egg and regular brown egg for comparison.

I've been pulling weeds in the garden and then tossing them to the chickens.  This makes me very popular with the girls.  Green, juicy weeds with wet soil clinging to the roots; wet soil that perhaps harbors a wiggly worm or two.

I give them weeds.  They give me eggs.  Such a deal.

Oh, and I was profiled on a poetry blog so if you want to read a bit about my history, hop on over.


  1. the choco egg is gorgeous!

    i really enjoyed getting to know more about you in that article!

  2. I'm back....just read your interview and loved it. You are living the good life and now more people know it!

  3. I love that choclate egg. I didn't know Brett was your first love. How romantic!

  4. They're looking so nice,feathers are so pretty!


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