Tuesday, September 25, 2012

What's Up With Flash?

We are hoping to get answers on what is causing Flash to be off tomorrow when our vet comes up.  I have my suspicions (hocks) but we will see what Dr. Thacher thinks.  Flash has a history of arthritis in his hocks and has done well this past year on monthly Adequan shots.  He is off in the hind; slightly at walk and noticeably at trot.  There is no swelling, no heat, and no sensitivity to touch.   Brett and I both signed up for our dressage chapter's schooling show Saturday so we are hoping he is sound by then.

I rode Winston early this morning before work.  The air was cool and the sun was just coming up.  Winston was a bit fussy in the contact compared to last week but I think we'll work that out by the weekend.  He wanted to canter in the worst way -- I think the cool air was calling to him -- so he kept popping his head up and wagging it in the air.  Come on, Mom!  Let's go!!  Instead of doing a lot of canter work, I focused on getting his focus back and tried to ride the tests I am doing Saturday.  Intro B is easy; the pattern flows in a very logical fashion and there aren't many steps.  Training Level 1 is a bit more complicated.  I keep forgetting to do the stretchy trot immediately after the canter or I trot the diagonal instead of walk.  Grrr.  I need to get the pattern down by Saturday or we will be going off course and that isn't good.  I don't want Brett to call the test for me.  I want him to take pictures.

We received a package in the mail today from Skoog Farm.  Thank you Lori!

I found this package by the front gate when I drove in from work this evening.

The cane fits Brett perfectly.  And it's gorgeous!!!  All gnarly wood and Flash at the top.

The size is perfect -- Brett's just messing around here.

We set it in the front entry way so everyone can admire it -- and it will stay safe.


  1. Oh I love that cane!

    Good luck with the vet today & thanks for Bon voyage wishes

  2. I hope the solution for Flash is an easy one so he rock the show with Brett.

    You must be so excited about taking Winston to a show!

    The stretchy trot after the canter is a very tricky part. It is so easy to lose balance right there. Those test writers really know how to challenge us.

  3. Glad it got there and that it is the right size. It looks good on you Brett!

  4. what a gorgeous cane! sweet!

    i hope flash can heal quickly! :)

  5. Hope flash is ok, good luck at the show, and that is a gorgeous cane!

  6. I have my fingers crossed for Flash!

    The trick I used to memorize the tests is to ride them in my head rather than memorize it as a series of events at letters. I do this most often right before I fall asleep. Funnily enough, I sometimes fall asleep mid test but pick it up when I wake up!!

  7. Here is hoping both Flash and Brett are better by Saturday and don't let the patterns mess with your head. Try writing them out on paper - that is what I do with agility courses and it really does help (I'm too darned visual). Lori rocks doesn't she? That cane is amazing!!!!

  8. Ooh, that cane is beautiful!! I love it. Sure hope Flash improves and you can figure out what's going on with him. Lameness issues are so frustrating! Have fun this weekend at the show.

  9. Hope Flash is alright and it's just something minor.

    Gorgeous cane. Lori is such a nice person isn't she.

    Good luck at the show with Winston, how exciting!

  10. That cane is awesome!
    Best of luck to Flash.


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