Monday, September 17, 2012

A Busy, Better Sunday

Sunday, Brett and I woke up after a good night's sleep.  I mention this because since he came down with shingles, we have not been sleeping well.  Brett couldn't sleep due to the pain and I couldn't sleep because I was scared to death I was going to bump up against him and cause him more pain.  We always sleep touching and once I fell asleep, I naturally gravitated over to his side of the bed until we were touching.  Then he'd jerk awake and I'd feel horrible.  So, I stopped sleeping well.  Two nights ago, Brett held my hand in the safe zone between us and we both slept better.  Last night, the pain was much less and we both slept soundly. 

The first thing we did Sunday morning, was take Flash out to see if he was still off.  Brett put Flash on the lunge line and he looked pretty good.  There was a wee bit of off-ness, but not much.  I offered to lunge him so Brett could see.  Flash, who had been cruising around half asleep woke up when I took the longe line.  He knows I demand forward and I want it now.  I asked and he stuck his tongue out at me (or the equivalent).  I touched him with the whip and he took off like he had been smacked (not even close), I really had to hold onto the line tight.  He started to settle and Sedona showed up at the side of the arena, whining at us.  Flash did not like a big wolf dog whining at him so he took off again.  When he finally settled down, any trace of soreness was gone and his trot was beautiful.

After chores, we went down the mountain.  Brett was feeling pretty good and so we decided to go out to breakfast and then run our errands.  When we got back home around mid-day, he was starting to hurt again. 

I picked a big basket of tomatoes and made some sauce to freeze for this winter.  There's nothing like a  plate of pasta on a cold night.

Brett insisted on helping with the evening chores, despite not feeling great.  Kersey offered to kiss him and make it all better.  I think he declined.
For dinner, I made some clam chowder and cut up a baguette we had picked up while out running errands.  I ate way too much bread for dinner.  And I'm not sorry.



  1. glad both of your guys are doing better - or should i say your guy and his guy. :)

  2. Shingles sounds horrible, I hope Brett gets better soon. Did you say cold night? I'm hoping for some around here too, but so far no colder than mid-40s. Hope you both feel better soon. Your food looks delicious.

  3. Dear Brett! I sure hope you get back to normal in a hurry. So sorry you are hurting.

    Dear Annette! I wish you lived closer so I could give you a couple bushels of tomatoes. Your dinner looks straight out of a magazine.

  4. poor Brett! I feel his pain- I've had shingles before and it can be agonizing. I found it best to be doing things too.

  5. I am glad that Brett is feeling better and that you are both able to sleep again. Tell him to take it easy so he can heal completely. Shingles like to linger.

  6. So sorry to hear that Brett is suffering from shingles. But it's good to hear you and his horse are feeling better! Sounds like a nice Sunday to me, and your chowder looks delicious! I would definitely have eaten too much of that bread too...sometimes you just gotta enjoy! Your tomatoes are beautiful. Mine are really ripening now, and sauce will be on my list soon. I froze 40 lbs of tomatoes on Sunday. I used to can them, but not this year, I've got to get things done quicker. And, it's apple picking time, so apple sauce is a must. I freeze it with lots of big chunks of apples and vary the spices so we have some plain, some spicy, etc. A little bit of summer in the winter!


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