Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Freestyle Time

Last Saturday, Brett and I went down to the show at Galway Downs to watch my friend Heather and her mare ride their freestyle.  They've already qualified for championships but one more excellent score would cement her standings in the National rankings.
Getting ready to warm up. Mary Kehoe, her trainer, is wiping the dust from her boots.

It was hot.  In the upper 90s, pushing 100F.  They called jackets (meaning that wearing a jacket was optional).

Heather said her test was only four minutes long and she was going to tough it out.

They started her music and off she went.  I love her music.  I got the first bit of her test on my camera.

They did score very well.


  1. Oops! The video is private.

    Her horse is gorgeous in the photos, though.

  2. That was really beautiful. Art really.

  3. Musical freestyle is my all time favorite. Loved the music, your friend and the horse.

  4. How fun to canter to "Tequila!" - I love it. Wishing I could see the rest of their test. :)

  5. Love love love watching freestyle (and doing it with my dogs)!

  6. do you know that that song is the one I have picked for a Freestyle if I ever do one with Irish? I had his gaits analyzed years ago and it matches his rhythm!!!

    what a beautiful horse!


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