Thursday, September 20, 2012

Everyone Disappeared!

After work and after walking the dog around the block, I settled on the couch with my iPad to read today's posts on the blogs I follow.... and there are a bunch of them.  I couldn't pull them up so I figured it was an iPad issue and turned on the desktop computer.  I opened blogger and it proceeded to tell me that I am following... NOBODY!!  Really?  I follow almost 150 blogs: horse blogs, poetry blogs, farming blogs, French blogs, food blogs even a couple fashion and photography blogs. 


Has this happened to anyone else?  I'm hoping its a glitch and my blog list will return shortly. 

If you leave a comment, I'll link back over to you and re-follow.  Hopefully, that will work.  In the meantime, I am beyond annoyed. 

Brett and I are going up to the Central Coast this weekend for a wine shindig -- a grape stomping party.  I'll telly you about it when we get back -- I'm not sure that I'll have time or WiFi to blog while we are gone. 

Friday Fitness report: I haven't lost any more weight but I feel like I'm firming up and I definitely have more energy.  Brett said I looked less soggy when I was riding the other day.  Okay, he said it in a much nicer way than that...

We'll see how I'm doing weight wise after this weekend.  Wine, good food, and relaxation do not melt fat.  But, you've got to balance enjoying good food and vacations with exercise and counting calories.  And, for me, enjoying food is a big part of enjoying life.

Have a good weekend everyone.  Hopefully, Google will have remembered who I'm following by the time I get home.

Winston said he'd look for you guys while I'm gone.  He doesn't get the internet friend concept.  His friends are in the pasture with him and he thinks mine should be right around the corner.  


  1. sounds like everyone still using the old blogger interface were switched over to the new yesterday. don't know if that may have impacted you and made your list disappear? hope it comes back.

    enjoy your wine weekend!

  2. Funny! No, wine, cheese, etc. do not melt fat, but they sure make you feel good. Have fun stomping grapes!!

  3. This happens to me all the time, I just keep hitting the refresh button and they eventually come back. Blogger has been terrible lately and the new interface is causing all sorts of problems. I wish they would leave well-enough alone.

  4. Like The Dancing Donkey, I've also had some issues with Blogger recently. While trying to do a post last on my iPad last weekend (something I've done before) it came back with "browser not supported" and refused to do anything!
    I hope your list of followees comes back, meanwhile, I love to be followed, so don't forget me! (it all sounds a bit stalkerish, doesn't it!)

  5. Weird:S I seriously hope I don't get that glitch.
    I also meant to ask you- what are you feeding Jackson? I've been a bit worried about Taffy's laminitis (even though she's getting strictly laminitis approved feeds). Let me know!

  6. Stupid blogger... Love reading posts about you back in thew saddle Annette! Hoping that Brett has gotten some relief.

  7. That happened to me before and it came back. Guess you will have to wait and see. Do you have just one dog? Why do I think you have two?
    Have a great trip.

  8. lol, Steele says hi to Winston!

    I had that happen and panicked but the list came back.

  9. You still show in my followers list. I'm bad, don't officially follow but put all the blogs on my blog list where I can find them. Never trust google - haha. So will stomping grapes officially heal up your foot? :) Have FUN!!!

  10. That happened to me a few times and then miraculously came back before I threw the computer across the room (just kidding). Winston is so handsome. Glad you're riding again and doing so well on your diet and exercise program.

    Have fun on your wine weekend. I don't know if you remember but when you mentioned stomping grapes I thought of the Lucy show with her and Ethel in the vats.

  11. I'm so jealous of your grape stomping weekend! Sounds wonderful.
    I haven't had this problem, but I did loose about 2 years of pictures from my pictures and video page, and they didn't come back. Completely different, but why miss an opportunity to complain, right :)
    I totally agree with your outlook to weight management. Hope you had a fabulous weekend!


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